Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

no lifer

its been proven i have no life..

Videos Watched: 20,398
Subscribers: 21,653

in my defense there really isnt anything better for me to do other then make videos and go to work. Its not like its all i do is just sit here infront of the computer and watch videos. i mean.. i ... ok that is all i do.. but sometimes i check my email to see if i got any important youtube emails or porn emails.. i mean.. youtube emails. Something i have been enjoying is stumble apon its pretty much the next best thing to youtube.. google it.. its awesome!

I guess i will probably film a new video tommorow or something.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mystery Can Challenge

Hey guys!
I was inspired by and have decided to do my own mystery can challenge. So jordan bought me 10 tin cans of food and took the lables off them. So its my job to eat all of these cans over the next 10 days. The only problem i have in countered so far is that ive some how managed to loose one of those cans in my room some where. I don't know where and i dont know how but ive managed to loose a can. I have cleaned my room and still no sign of this can.. i guess you can say.. its a mystery.. ha..ha. Anyways the next 10 days i will be opening a can a day and filming me opening and eating the cans contents. There are a few rules to mystery can put forth by the

1. Only one Mystery Can per day may be consumed for a period of TEN DAYS.
2. A Mystery Can may be eaten during any meal.
3. The eater must prepare a main course prior to opening the Mystery Can.
4. The eater must consume at least 50% of the Mystery Can's contents.
5. The purchaser of a Mystery Can must notify the eater of any specific cooking instructions (i.e. adding water if condensed).
6. Shaking a Mystery Can prior to opening is not only allowed; it is encouraged.
7. Foods unknown to the eater will be revealed after he or she consumes the Mystery Can's contents.

I will also be posting my thoughts on the cans right here on my blog well i make this sort of documentary type video.

So enjoy what will be known as.. the mystery can challenge and
check out

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sleep walking

So the other day my mom got this step counter in a pack of crystal light and she gave it to me. Im not really into health and fitness that much so i wasn't sure what to do with it. Eventually i found something i could do with it. Im the kind of guy who move around alot when i sleep. I figgured i could attach this little dudad to my ankle when i went to bed and when i woke up i could find out how much i moved around and how many steps that would be like.

So i attached it to my ankle as i readied for bed. I tried not to make to many movements before getting into bed so that i could get an acurate reading when i woke up.
When i woke up i discoved that i took 9 steps in my sleep.. or atleast moved my foot enough to have the counter say 9 steps. I then took 9 steps away from my bed to see how far i would have went. It was pretty far. I actually made it to the stairs down the hall from my room.

So now i know that if i was ever to sleep walk i would probably only make it to the stairs.. so im in no real danger of falling down the stairs.

ps i have a new email: feel free to email me!